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We do not take insurance for multiple reasons. They force us to diagnose in the first visit, which we are uncomfortable with. We are conservative in diagnosing and feel that it should be considered seriously as these labels are not erased from your record. In congruence with best practices we do use an electronic health record system. It is protected and encrypted multiple times to ensure security. However, if you feel it necessary you may request a paper record.

Insurance takes a lot of time and money to get on the panels themselves. There's a lot of "behind the scenes" that you as a client don't see. Insurance does everything they can to not pay- that means lots of changing codes, applying, reapplying, arguing, and more. Many offices have a full time person just to handle this! Because it's just a few of us, we can't deal with this and hope to also do therapy and keep the lights on. They also require a lot of information about your care, which we really don't like sharing with others. Often, they also try to tell us how to treat our patients. We can better safeguard your privacy and your program if they’re not involved there. Also, less time arguing with insurance is more time we can spend on you!

We do offer a super bill. This is a bill showing that you have paid and what the cost of therapy is. It has all of the codes and information to send to the insurance company to get reimbursed. If you choose to work with us, this is a good way to try to at least get part of the session reimbursed which will ultimately cut cost for you. This is a personal choice but a lot of our clients do have success with getting some reimbursement this way and it goes towards your deductible!